Surviving Another Lockdown

Winter Sunrise (1949) by Maxfield Parrish

I’ve been quarantined upstairs in my house since Monday (I’m fine!), and now there’s a near-total lockdown in Los Angeles (it’s fine!), so after a few days of isolation, I’m thinking a lot about how your feelings sneak up on you under duress. I tend to spend the first few days of recovery (I’ve had a lot of surgeries this year) repeating the words “I’m fine! It’s fine! We’re fine!” and then things shift and I’m crying. Or things shift and I’m great, but I look back and say, “Holy shit, that was horrific!”

The point is, it’s hard to tell how you’re feeling when a lot is happening at once.

So even though I wanted to take a few weeks off from doing threads while I recovered, it occurs to me that some of you might need a place to unpack some stress and share whatever crazy electrical currents are bouncing through you at the precipice of what’s bound to be a pretty difficult winter. Having been alone and in pain all week, I’m acutely aware of the weird little online habits you develop when you’re alone and in pain — or just alone and doing fine, but also craving a way to express what’s living under your skin.

You can express it here. I’m listening — and so are a lot of other smart, big-hearted people. Thanks for hanging out here and making this part of my life so much more rewarding.