Daybreak (1922) by Maxfield Parrish

Today we are going to celebrate, goddamn it. Yeah, this country largely sucks, the planet is doomed, a global pandemic is raging. That's all the more reason why we need to squeeze every ounce of joy out of this day.

Are you still numb or upset? Understandable! But I’m here to talk about joy: finding it wherever you can and treasuring it. Because we don’t stand a chance of saving this world if we can’t find joy first. JOY IS SURVIVAL. JOY IS BASIC. BE BASIC.

It’s not embarrassing or irresponsible to embrace this moment. Don’t believe it for a second. Misery is not righteous. Step into the sunshine and FEEL. IT. Stay as long as you humanly can. And then scour each day for more joy, fish it out of the rubble, milk it out of each moment, and savor the hell out of it. You deserve to feel good.