Apocalypse Now-ish.

The Ninth Wave (1850) by Ivan Aivazovsky

Who else is starting to lose it? After a full month of watching coronavirus news closely and waiting for the shit to hit the fan, the full force of this calamity has finally arrived in the U.S. Of course we knew Trump would fuck it up. But is there anything worse than watching the bungling get worse by the day? And listening to people say it’s no big deal? I started this thread because I need this thread. Help me out, people. Give me whatever you’ve got: Feelings, news, terrifying anecdotes, complaints, cartoon squiggles, escapist pleasures, paranoia, rage, tasty snacks.

Also wanted to add a link to this great piece by Charlie Warzel in the New York Times. “The authority void needs to be filled by experts and leaders large and small. If you’re in a position to step up, do it now. By the time action seems obvious, it might be too late to make a difference.”