Don't call yourself moody. Name each of your multiple personalities instead.
Letting go of control and welcoming reality takes patience.
Tune out the world and pay close attention to what you value and admire.
Don't let your fear dampen this adventure.
It's time for a year-end accounting of how far you've come.
Stop trying to kill half of your moods and most of your personality.
What do you want and why don't you mention that part as much?
You're hoarding again.
Have Fun Anyway.Three Zinnias (1921) by Georgia O’Keeffe Last night I doomscrolled through approximately fifteen million tweets about how omicron cases are expl…
Sometimes wanting way too much is your downfall. Other times, it's your superpower.
Sometimes it pays not to overthink it.
Austin Kleon on blurring the lines between work and play.